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All About Self Car Wash Facilities

Are you looking for self car wash near me? Do you wish to save money from washing cars using other methods? A lot of people have chosen self-serve car wash over conventional methods. They believe that self-serve car wash has more benefits than hand car washing and automatic car washing routines. With respect to cleaning cars, self-serve washing proves to be efficient and predominantly reliable. Apart from these evident benefits, why are people looking for self car wash near me ardently? If you are breaking your head with this question, the next few lines will lend you a hand of help.

Benefits of Self Serve Car Wash Facilities

Here are few reasons why self-serve car wash services are much better than automatic or hand wash routines.

  1. When compared against other car wash methods, self-serve car washing is cheaper. It is an affordable option that doesn’t involve expensive experts. The self-serve bay will have everything you need to clean vehicles. If you are new to self-serve car washing, you can always opt for a simple service provider with basic facilities. With time, you can opt for bigger and more expensive services.

  2. Self-serve car washing facilities will give you the freedom to wash vehicles with your dear ones. It is a great weekend activity for families with kids. You will be able to teach kids the knack in cleaning vehicles through self-serve car wash units. Often, the practice is enjoyed by little ones.

  3. Self-serve car wash cleaning is much more than water and soap! If you thought of self-serve car washes as a simple routine where the car’s body is wiped with water and soap, you must think again. Self-serve car washes have evolved to be a perfect way to clean. You will be able to clean your vehicle with powerful equipment and sophisticated methods like high pressure rinsing. This is a special technique that removes mud and dirt from all parts of the car. Of course, scrub brushes and cleaners are provided by some self-serve car wash service providers.

  4. A lot of people shun away from foam polish, due to its high price. Well, self-serve car wash facilities will help you clean vehicles with pricey foam polish at an affordable price. In fact, some services delight customers with triple foam polish. This is an interesting process that can offer your vehicle more protection. However, you should look for the right “self-car wash near me” to enjoy this facility.

All self-car wash service providers have five basic facilities. This includes presoak, high pressure soaping, foaming brush, rinsing and waxing. When you look for self car wash near me, check if these primitive facilities are offered by it.

self-service car wash near me

Using the Right Equipment & Methods

  1. Wheel Cleaner

First of all, you should make sure there is a wheel cleaner. This is one of the most important stages in vehicle cleaning. The wheel cleaner will ensure the tires are soaked for a long time. This way, brake dust and dirt particles will be removed completely. Liberally, you should apply the wheel cleaner on all wheels. Meanwhile, think of the product you are adding. It shouldn’t be too acidic or greasy.

  1. Bug Removers & High Pressure Soap

Some self-serve car service providers have bug removers. The bug removers are extremely useful during later summer and spring. The bug remover has to be applied on the windshield, back of mirrors and in front of the car. To be more precise, you can apply the remover anywhere with bugs. Once you apply the bug remover, prepare the car for presoaking. This is an important process handled in low pressure. Always remember that high pressure is not the only way to clean vehicles. You can peel off paint with 10,000 PSI of water but not be able to knock off dirt. To release stubborn dirt particles, you will require low pressure water too. After presoaking, you should treat the vehicle with high pressure soap. If your car is not extremely dirty, you can skip this step. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to clean vehicles with high pressure soap. Even cracks and crevices can be cleaned using high pressure soap.

  1. Foam Brush

A lot of people are worried about using the foam brush. This is an important step that scares most people. That is because stubborn foam brushes can scratch your car. Before you use the foam brush, figure out its purpose and type. There are several different types of foam brushes. For instance, nylon foam brushes can damage your car’s paint. And, foam brushes should be used in circular motion. This prevents unexpected scratches on the vehicle body.

  1. Rinsing

Generally, rinsing is done using high pressure water. The entire vehicle has to be rinsed from top to bottom. Try to get closer with areas that accumulate more dirt. Don’t think twice to clean the wheels too! Remember that the wheel cleaner wouldn’t have done most of the job. Thus, rinsing with high pressure is very important. Few other facilities offered in self-serve car wash facilities would be as follows: clear coat protection, triple foam polishing and final rinsing. Tire dressing is the last step in self-servicing a car. A dilute water based product is used on the exterior surface. The tires are covered using this solution in slow, circular motion. If there is paint on the tires or vehicle body, AKA rubber protectants can wash it off. To get the most from the self-serve car wash, you should use the right kind of products and methods. Once again, this is a skill that develops with time and experience.

The Verdict

On the whole, self-serve car wash services are here to help you. It is a lively and an efficient activity that can save you from visiting the gym! Indeed, self-serve car washing services can help you burn several calories in few hours. A full featured self-serve car wash can increase the lifetime and look of your vehicle. It is quite similar to dressing your much loved vehicle up!

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